About Us

About Us

Hi! We are Greencle Design

We are a creative team located in Xitun, Taichung, specializing in website design, graphic design, marketing planning, advertising marketing, photography and brand design

We believe that a brand is like a sprouting grass, which needs careful care in order to gradually thrive. Greencle Design regards the birth of a brand as extremely sacred and important!

Just like the infinity symbol in the middle of the brand identity, it is firmly rooted downwards and extends upwards. A complete solution that accompanies a brand from birth, growth to replication!

Our Service

Rapid Website Development

Complete RWD official website in one day

Invincible E-commerce Website System

The perfect combination of cash flow, member management and logistics

Overall corporate visual planning

Trademark vision, product packaging, peripheral product design

Comprehensive Marketing Integration

Google, FB, Yahoo, SEO platform advertising

Attract the world’s attention with images

Film shooting, editing and post-production

Our Portfolio

食見生活|Food Losopy
順成堂|Shun Cheng Tang
順吉機械工程|Shun Ji Mechanical Engineering

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